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Very Important SEO Common Term To Use

Very Important SEO Common Term To Use, Secret SEO Peoples have to know,
Anchor text refers to the words you click a hyperlink that tell search engines what the
the page in question. Used wisely, the anchor text is strengthening its position in search engines and search assistance
engines to discover new content on your website.
Back link is a link from another web page or website to yours. The number of
backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of your website.
Hyperlink is an element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same
document or a document entirely.
Keyword or Term is a word or phrase subject to a search engine that also contained
in HTML coding, matching the results when the return of a SERP in response to a user's query.
Keyword Density is the proportion (percentage) that a keyword appears in the total number of
indexable words within a webpage. Suggested density is between 2-3%.
The prominence of keywords are referred to as keywords are prominent in a statement. Place
Important keywords at or near the beginning of the document, sentence, title or meta tag.
The landing page is the page on a website where someone comes after you click a hyperlink.
The Long Tail "refers generally to longer, less-used search terms used for composing ind
most of the searches.
Meta Tag is the code that is placed in the HTML head of a website is not visible to browsers that
describes / summarizes the contents of a web page. Some search engines use information
provided in the meta tags to index pages by subject and the results of the search engine pages.
SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website, web page or
press release to increase your visibility on search engine results.
SERP, or search engine results page is a list of web pages returned by search
search engine like Google or Yahoo! in response to a key question.
Title tag is an important HTML tag on top of your browser window to search for
engines use to determine the subject of an HTML page.


Simple And Best SEO Tools

SEO Tools
The following are resources that can help you improve your SEO results.:
Keyword Research
Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture):
Google Trends: / trends
Google Adwords: https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal
Apogee Meta Tags:
Marketwire Keyword Analyzer: Accessible by its press release submission process
Feeds RSS / Content Syndication


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